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Microscopy Core

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I would like to begin to use the microscope core facilities. How do I start?

New users may contact Weihang Chai ( to discuss your imaging project and microscope training.

2. What training is required to use the microscope facilities?

Microscope training is comprised of two 2hr practical lessons and is designed to allow users to gain practice and confidence in use of the microscopes at the WSUS-MC. Users may request training on the microscope of their choice.

3. I have completed my training. How do I sign up for time at the microscope?

Users may navigate their web browser to, log-in using the username and password given to you during training, and then use the drag and drop menus to sign up for time on either the Zeiss fluorescence or Olympus Confocal microscope.

4. I would like to begin to use microscopy for my research project but am new to microscopy. What resources are available to me to help me plan my imaging experiment(s)?

As a starting point, the tutorial, protocol, resource links found on the WSUS-MC website may help provide useful background information on microscopy. WSUS-MC staff are also happy to provide technical assistance. Please contact Weihang Chai ( for further details.

5. I would like to obtain imaging data but do not want to become a regular microscopy core user. Can I still use the microscope core facilities?

Investigators who would like to use the microscope facilities but do not want to become a regular core user may request assisted imaging time on the microscope of your choice. Please contact Weihang Chai ( to make arrangements.