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Office of Commercialization, Spokane

The WSU Office of Commercialization (OC) has a Spokane campus office that exists to serve all colleges, as well as bridge gaps that exist between WSU and the local, national, and global business, life science, and technology communities.

The OC at WSU works with faculty, staff, and students to help protect ideas and other forms of intellectual property (IP). This ideally happens prior to a publication or public disclosure, because we also counsel researchers and other staff on how to best communicate their ideas without disclosing yet-to-be protected IP.

We function on a variety of levels, including but not limited to:

  • Patent protection (early/provisional, through the entire lifecycle of a patent)
  • Trademark and copyright protection, for situations where a patent is not the most appropriate course of action
  • Marketing and licensing of inventions
  • Creation of start-up companies
  • Introductions to entrepreneurs and management teams
  • Connecting inventors with a variety of additional resources, including gap funding, the WSU Center for Innovation, Institute of Translational Health Sciences, sponsored research through industry partnerships, and much more

Our goal is to help you bring your science to larger audiences, and assist in the realization of a bench to bedside research approach.  Below are online resources to help you, and at right are options for contact.

WSU OC Home page
Researchers page
Contact Us (entire team)