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Program of Laboratory Animal Resources (PLAR)

Animal Ordering and Transportation

Material Transfer Agreements

All animals must be acquired lawfuly, and the receiving institution should ensure that all procedures involving animal procurement are conducted in a lawful manner.

To order animals from approved vendors:

  • Submit the Animal Order Form to the appropriate person in your department to obtain either a PO# or Account #
  • PLAR must have the form by Thursday morning for ordering
  • PLAR will notify the lab following receipt of the shipment
  • Animals must be allowed to acclimate for a minimum of 3 days

To exchange animals between Universities or other Investigators:

  • A Material Transfer Agreement may be required
  • Complete the Exchange of Non-Commercial Animals form and submit it to PLAR. The veterinary staff will contact the other facility to exchange health reports and to determine the requirements for receiving/shipping animals.
  • Complete the appropriate form for the Technology Transfer Office. In Spokane, submit the form to the Grants and Contracts Manager, OGRD.