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Program of Laboratory Animal Resources (PLAR)


All personnel involved with the care and use of animals must be adequately educated, trained, and/or qualified in basic principles of laboratory animals science to help ensure high-quality science and animal well-being. The institution should provide appropriate education and training to members of research teams to ensure that they have the necessary knowledge and expertise for the specific animals procedures proposed and the species used.

The Animal Awareness Seminar is required for IACUC approval. Additional training session offered by PLAR and OCV include:

  • Animal Handling, Restraint, and Basic Techniques
  • Facility Orientation
  • Working with Hazardous Agents in the Animal Lab
  • Breeding, Aging, and Sexing Rodents
  • Surgery Skills
  • Protocol Specific Techniques (Bleeding, Gavage, IV Injections)

Contact the PLAR office to arrange training.