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Our History

In Fall 2015, a student leader named Talia Avalos envisioned the creation of a space that celebrates diversity, where underrepresented students have a place to go and feel at home. In Spring 2016, that student led the charge and created a student initiative to request funding for a Diversity Coordinator and Student Diversity Center (SDC). The S&A Fee Committee approved the budget proposal in April 2016 and approved to build the SDC.

The first Diversity Coordinator, Dion Crommarty, was hired in fall 2016 and the temporary SDC was founded shortly thereafter. The doors to the temporary center opened in September 2016 in SAC 141C.

On October 9, 2017, the new SDC opened its doors in SAC 105.

Since then, the SDC has grown every year and has created a wealth of Diversity programs, several workshops, and trainings. Dion was promoted to Assistant Director of Student Diversity and International Student Life in 2018. Because of the yearly growth, the students petitioned for additional professional support. In Spring 2019, the S&A Fee Committee approved the proposal, and the SDC hired its first Program Coordinator of Student Diversity and International Student Life.

In Fall 2020, the Office of Student Equity, Leadership, and Community was formed to create collaboration across all student services. The Student Diversity Center is now found in the OSELC Hub, SAC 105 & 107.