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Our Team

Dion CrommartyDion Crommarty, Diversity Coordinator

Dion was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. Dion has worked in Student affairs for over 10 years. Before coming to Washington State University Spokane, he worked in the area of residence life at the University of Montana University of Alaska Anchorage, Pennsylvania State University and Bloomsburg University. In his spare time, he enjoys running, watching movies, hiking and watching football. His favorite things about coming to Spokane are meeting all the students, and viewing the amazing scenery around the area.

Diversity Student Coordinators


AJ Staff PhotoAmira Jessies

My name is Amira Jessie, I was born and raised in South Seattle, WA. I am a 5th year undergraduate student at WSU. I am currently studying Speech and Hearing Sciences along with Comparative Ethnic Studies.



Cameron YangCameron Yang

“Hello, my name is Cameron Yang but I like to go by my nickname Cami. I was born in California but I grew up in Hawaii and consider Hawaii my home. I am currently in the Doctor of Pharmacy program in the Class of 2020. I enjoy learning about other cultures and find that there is much that we can learn from each other. I was drawn to the Diversity Center because of their mission and the events they have that promote inclusivity. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, writing, watercoloring, baking desserts, and going out to eat.”


DT Staff PhotoDenise Tran

Hello! My name is Denise Tran and I am originally from Honolulu, Hawaii.  I recently graduated from WSU Pullman with a Bachelor of Science degree in Basic Medical Science.  I am currently a Doctor of Pharmacy Candidate Class of 2020 and am excited to be involved in the new Diversity Center here at WSU Spokane. I enjoy educating individuals about diversity, cultures, traditions, and exotic food. During my downtime, you would find me drawing, eating, binge watching Korean dramas and trying to learn the ukulele. I enjoy meeting new people and attempting to answer questions, so if you see me around campus, feel free to say “Hi”!


DB Staff PhotoDevan Baker

“Hello! My name is Devan Baker and I’m from Spokane. I just finished my post-baccalaureate in Communication Sciences and Disorders at EWU and now I’m working on my Master’s in Speech Hearing Sciences at WSU. Before then, I got my Bachelors in Linguistics at University of Saskatchewan in Canada. It was while I was in Canada working as a Resident Assistant that I found love for working with and learning about different cultures and languages. When I have spare time I like to read, cook, make things, and ice skate in the winter. I’m so excited to help make programs that share all of the cultures on campus and celebrate our diversity!”


NH Staff PhotoNatalie Hoogner

Hi! My name is Natalie Hoogner and I am from Spokane, WA. I will graduate in May 2019 with my Master of Science degree in Speech Language Pathology. My hobbies include hiking, biking, snowshoeing, skiing, reading, and photography. Since our campus is health sciences focused, it is my hope that students who visit the Student Diversity Center will develop a deeper appreciation and understanding about other cultures and feel more prepared to care for their future patients from diverse backgrounds.


MR Staff PhotoMaritsa Rodriguez

Hello, my name is Maritsa Rodriguez, and I was born in Yakima, Washington but grew up in Sunnyside, Washington. I am a senior in the Speech and Hearing Science program here at WSU and I plan to get my masters in Speech Language Pathology. I enjoy learning about other cultures and languages. I am excited to work in the Diversity Center and get to know everyone that comes through! In my free time, I enjoy cooking, reading and outdoor activities.



SR Staff PhotoSarah Ryan

Hi! My name is Sarah Ryan and I was born and raised in Spokane. I recently finished my Bachelors of Science degree in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology and am now starting my Master’s in Dietetics also at WSU. After graduating I will take the Registered Dietitian exam and I plan to work with an obese population to reverse and prevent disease. My passion for proper nutrition for everyone led me to the Diversity Center where they value equality and inclusivity. I enjoy their student events especially those that give back to the community which is why I wanted to work here. In my free time I enjoy hiking, spending time with my family, and reading! I am excited to be a part of the Diversity Center and work with a team to create fun events that give back!”


Diversity & Community Engagement Student Coordinators


Christy KangChristy Kang

is a Third Year Pharmacy Student and serves as the Diversity and Community Engagement Student Coordinator at the Yakima pharmacy school campus. She is excited to be a part of WSU Yakima’s first Diversity Center and Office of Community Engagement with her nursing student partner Miho. Christy’s vision for the Diversity Center is to emphasize awareness and inclusivity through cultural events. With Community Engagement, she hopes to help pharmacy students develop relationships with the Yakima community through community service. Through her experience as a student coordinator this year, she wants to improve her cultural competency, as a future pharmacist, to help patients be more comfortable with medical care.

Miho IshoMiho Isho

Hi, my name is Miho Ishii and I am originally from Tokyo, Japan. Right now I am studying in the BSN program at WSU College of Nursing Yakima and will graduate in fall 2019. I am excited about launching of Student Diversity Center here in Yakima for WSU Pharmacy and Nursing students and serving as the Diversity and Community Engagement Student Coordinator. Please feel free to ask me for events and resources that are available for you to be involved, or just say hi whenever you see me in the office.