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Washington State University Health Sciences Spokane

For the Love of Health Sciences

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Future Cougs and Pre-Health Advisors, thank you for your interest in joining us For the Love of Health Sciences APRIL 11-15. Please complete the form below and indicate which sessions you will attend.

We can’t wait to meet you and share the LOVE we have at WSU Health Sciences Spokane!


I LOVE my program because it is full of supportive and caring individuals who are here to see me succeed. I love that pharmacy is rooted in building a bridge between the science, chemistry, and biological knowledge of pharmaceutical practices with the everyday lifestyle of my patients to better create healthier, happier communities.

I LOVE WSU because I have always felt at home! It has been the best place for me to learn from my mistakes, challenge my limits, and provide an open space for me to grow as I continue along my professional journey in Pharmacy.

I LOVE that we have built a system of collaboration and community where we all help each other succeed and ultimately become better health care practitioners.

I LOVE the sense of community and professionalism we have on our WSU Spokane campus.

I LOVE how my program allows the fellow classmates in my cohort to connect and be able to work so closely together. I feel like I really know everyone in all my classes and I always have someone to reach out to.

I LOVE that WSU is a community, it’s a family away from home. I love how no matter what WSU campus you are on you feel connected and there is always someone there to help you if you need it. “Cougs Help Cougs!”

I LOVE the incorporation of both nutrition and exercise in the NEP program. It’s fun to get the dual experience and learn about two very important aspects of preventative healthcare. Not many programs do both nutrition and exercise, so I feel privileged to be in such a comprehensive program.

I LOVE the small class size at WSU Spokane. It’s such a fun experience and opportunity to become close with both classmates and professors. The relationships I’ve gained have helped me through every part of my education here!

I LOVE how the nursing program gives me so many opportunities to learn in a hands-on environment with faculty supporting me. As a student I always feel like I have them in my corner and they want me to succeed.

I LOVE WSU and being a part of a close-knit community where students share a passion for health promotion. Being a part of the Coug family means I can be at an airport across the nation, see someone wearing their gear, and share the love of WSU with a stranger just by saying “Go Cougs!”