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Spokane/Yakima Health Fee Advisory Board


The purpose of the Student Health Fee Advisory Board (SHFAC) is to facilitate communication between WSU students and WSU Spokane officials increasing the accessibility and quality of health resources for the University community.

Specific Functions and Topics Presented to SHFAC:

  • Strategic program direction
  • Program design and implementation
  • General marketing and communication strategies
  • In Spring, approve Student Health Fee for next academic year
  • Additions or changes to services provided by the Health Fee.
  • The SHFAC Chairperson will be the WSU Student representative for the American College Health Association (ACHA) and may attend such conference(s) if appropriate.

Organizational Structure

SHFAC membership size is suggested to include representatives from the following organizations:

  • ASWSUS Exec & Senate
  • Student Nurse Leaders (Spokane)
  • AINS (Yakima Nursing)
  • PPSO (Pharmacy umbrella organization)
  • Association of Health Sciences (HPA)
  • NEP
  • Graduate Research Student Association
  • NSSLA (Speech & Hearing student organization)

Student members will be appointed as representatives from their organizations or will complete applications for positions as they are available.  These requirements are not a restriction to the number/type of student members and any student group may elect to send member to serve on SHFAC.

The Chair will be elected in the Spring semester for the following academic year.  Appointments will be requested from each organization in the fall.

Various faculty and staff will be invited to participate in an ex-officio capacity.   Meetings will be held mid-September, late November, mid-February, late March and others as needed.  Administrative support will be provided by Student Affairs.  Meetings will be advertised to general student body and be considered Open Public Meetings.

Washington State University Health Sciences Spokane