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Leadership and Training


The SDC provides leadership opportunities for students to connect with the Campus and the Spokane community to explore Diversity, Inclusiveness and Equity through education, involvement, and community  to develop their personal leadership style.

Diversity Student Coordinator

The Diversity Student Coordinators (DSC) will be an integral part the Student Diversity Center. The Diversity Student Coordinators are a team of student leaders working together to promote the WSU Health Sciences Spokane message of diversity, inclusivity and equity to our campus through advocacy, education, support, and resources. The SDC is seeking highly motivated, energetic, organized, and creative DSCs that value and have a passion for diversity, inclusion and social justice.

Diversity Event Board (DEB)

The Diversity Events Board (DEB) is a student-run group geared toward bringing educational activities, workshops, programs focused on diversity and inclusion to WSU Health Sciences/EWU Spokane campus



The SDC provides a number of opportunities for faculty, staff, and students to increase their cultural knowledge and skills for contributing to a welcoming, inclusive, and equitable campus community. On this page, you’ll find links to our workshops and initiatives, as well as information about other relevant training opportunities on campus.

LGBTQ+ Ally Training

Ally Training is a campus-wide network of students, faculty, staff, and instructors. It is designed to promote an inclusive campus community through advocacy, education, support, and resources for LGBTQ+ individuals by creating a visible network of allies.

In ally training, you’ll learn about: current terminology, the social and political climate for LGBTQ+ communities, and practical knowledge for enacting allyship.

Use & Abuse of Power, Leadership & Diversity Workshop

Participants have a chance to progress from one level of society to another by acquiring wealth through trading with other participants. Once the society is established, the group with the most wealth is given the right to make the rules for the game. The power group generally makes rules which maintain or increase its power and which those being governed consider to be unfair. This generally results in some sort of rebellion by the other members of the society.


The SDC also offers additional training by request to student organizations, departments, and offices. Send us an e-mail with some dates and times that work best for your group, and we will do our best to accommodate.

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