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Health Sciences Preview

Join us for a day of exploration.

Fall and Spring

Friday, October 20, 2017
Friday, April 13, 2017

We welcome you to attend WSU Spokane’s Health Sciences Preview. This visitation program is designed for future students interested in the health sciences, and gives an overview of the opportunities available to you on this campus. If you are interested in pursuing a career in Pharmacy, Nursing, Speech and Hearing Sciences, Nutrition and Exercise Physiology, Medicine and beyond, this event is for you.


1:00-2:00    Check In

1:00-2:00    Academic Fair

2:00-2:15    Welcome

2:15-3:15    Academic Showcases


Body of Knowledge and Diagnosing the Future

Learn about the structure and function of the body in the College of Medicine’s Human Anatomy Laboratory.  Examine real human bones, muscles and internal organs, and view computed tomographic (CT) scan images of the entire body.  Learn how telemedicine is used to diagnose and deliver health care to rural and underserved populations.

Capacity: 48


Nurses for Tomorrow

Students will have an opportunity to view and interact with SimMan 3G, a Human Patient Simulator who looks and acts like a human patient. They will be able to listen to heart and lung sounds using a stethoscope and feel for pulses. They will learn how a Patient Simulator is used in healthcare education and how our nursing students take care of him in patient scenarios.

Capacity: 30

Nutrition and Exercise Physiology

Helping People Stay Well

Dietitians serve their clients in many ways, and one is teaching them how to make healthy food. Exercise physiologists help their clients stay healthy by prescribing exercise and teaching exercise techniques. Would you like to see dietitians and exercise physiologists in action? If so, please join our sessions in which our faculty and graduate students will show you some of the skills that they use in helping their clients, and give you an opportunity to practice these skills. You may decide that these careers, for which we provide dual training in our undergraduate program, are a good fit for your interests.

Capacity: 30


More Than Counting Pills

Have you ever wondered what a pharmacist does behind the counter? Do you want to know what a career as a pharmacist will look like in the future? If so, please join us for an interactive session where you will learn about clinical pharmacists. You will experience how student pharmacists are taught to interact with patients and be exposed to basic clinical skills that a pharmacist is trained to use. You will have an opportunity to practice these skills and see if a future as clinical pharmacist is right for you.

Capacity: 25

Speech and Hearing Sciences

Protecting Your Melon: Traumatic Brain Injury and Speech Language Pathology

“Future Cougs” will have the opportunity to learn about the professions of speech-language pathology and audiology by exploring how the brain works and learning what we do to rehabilitate individuals with brain injuries. Participants will also have the opportunity to meet with current Speech and Hearing Sciences students, participate in a traumatic brain injury demonstration using watermelons and hold a real human brain!

Capacity: 40

3:15-3:45    Campus Tour

3:45-4:10    Funding Your Education

4:10-4:15    Closing


Washington State University Health Sciences Spokane