Do you live life with the mindset of, “that won’t happen to me”? Sergeant Shawn Kendall of the Spokane Police Department will be at WSU Spokane on Jan. 20 to talk about preparing your mind so you are ready during a critical incident.

Mental preparation is valuable when your find yourself in a situation that requires you to simply survive.

In a critical incident, you’ll need to be fully aware of the situation. Before the critical situation arrives, however, you should be in the habit of knowing what you see as you move through the world around you, whether you’re at work, a restaurant, your house, etc.

You also need to be responsible for your own presentation. Do you give off signals of prey? Does your home invite predators?

To be prepared, you can learn to rehearse mental scenarios so your brain is better prepared to handle a critical incident.

Think of some everyday situations you find yourself in that could invite a critical incident, such as a parking lot or your work office.

Having a survival mindset can help you handle critical situations.

Sgt. Kendall will be on the WSU Spokane campus on Jan. 20 from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. in SAC 241 to give a presentation on enhancing the survival mindset.