After nearly four decades, Bloomsday has worked its way into the fabric of life in the Inland Northwest. Participating is a great way to encourage fitness and a healthy lifestyle among employees while socially participating with peers and colleagues. This is open to all fitness levels: runners, walkers, wheelchairs, assisted wheelchairs and strollers. Sunday, May 1 is race day, with more than 40,000 people participating on a 12 kilometers (7.46 miles) course.

The Wellness Collaborative supported by Spokane HR and College of Medicine Dean John Tomkowiak, MD MOL, is inviting 20 people across the campus to pre-train and start together wearing an Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine, “It’s our School” t-shirt representing that we are here as a health science campus to serve the whole state.

We would love to encourage participation from twenty people across campus: Pharmacy, Nursing, Campus (all areas), and College of Medicine.  This is a first come, first serve registration. If registration fills up, please email: with your desire to be a back-up. Anyone is welcome to train with us whether or not you participate in the race. Just let the leads (listed below) know your intention. Sign up will include registration and WSU “It’s Our School” t-shirt. Bloomsday will also provide a completion t-shirt following the race. For more information please go to: WSU Wellness Collaborative sign up here.

12 weeks of training will start February 8 and will be led by:

Anna Brown on M/W at 12pm. All levels are encouraged to participate. She will offer a 2 mile, 3 mile, and 4 mile loop. Please email Anna at:

Bethany Fruci on Th at 4:45pm. Bethany will provide you with resources to increase your training for days you do not meet. Please email Bethany at:

Erin Boland on W 12:30-12:50 started a walking group on 1/27 and will continue this throughout the months. Please email Erin at:
Please let us know if you would also like to lead a group

Corporate Cup News
Are you a competitive runner interested in joining WSU Spokane’s Corporate Cup Team Crimson or Team Gray? If you have an estimated mile running pace faster than 11 minutes, you should consider throwing your hat in the ring to represent WSU Spokane in the Bloomsday Corporate Cup. More details on Corporate Cup participation will be announced Feb. 4.

Spokane Wellness Collaborative Mission:
Foster a thriving culture of wellness for the campus community that will provide ongoing access to resources, workshops, articles, classes, and much more to help you excel in all realms of your heath.

We hope you will join us in this team effort!