We are approaching the spring harvest, which means that for most locally participating farms it is the last call to sign up for the seasons Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). CSA is a way for consumers to buy local and seasonal produce from a farmer in their community.

When you become a CSA member to a certain farm you are purchasing a “share” of produce from the farm. Most are set up as weekly or bi-weekly pick ups running from June-October. Most farms offer different size quantities of produce in each box depending on the number of people you are hoping to feed. Prices and payment plans vary by farm, but information is often detailed out on their websites. Some farms even offer additional goods like eggs, meat and breads!

After signing up as a member of a CSA program, farmers/volunteers will drop off the share of produce to a convenient location in your neighborhood for you to pick up.

So what are the benefits of joining a CSA, you ask? Joining a CSA allows you to access produce that is high quality, fresh, locally grown and can often cut down on your weekly grocery bill. You have the opportunity to gain knowledge of produce seasons, what grows in your area and learn how to cook with new ingredients.

Check out these CSA’s that are local to Spokane for more information about signing up!