By April D. Davis, RDN, CD, ACSM CEP

Life without fun and games isn’t just dull – it’s downright unhealthy.  Take time to enjoy life and unplug from everyday stresses to help decrease cravings for junk food and boost your metabolism.  Here are four ways to reconnect with your carefree side for your best summer ever:

1. Add fun to things you do every day.

    • Crank up the funk on Pandora while cooking and dance your way around the kitchen
    • Make phone calls outside while walking around the block
    • Prepare an ethnic meal and ask family members to research interesting facts about the Country to be shared at mealtime
    • Hop/skip/jump your way around the yard when moving hoses or doing yardwork.  It’ll make you and your neighbors smile

2. Try a unique type of produce each week and involve the family in choosing a recipe for it.  Some options might be plantains, kumquats, starfruit, taro, eggplant, persimmon, or red dragon fruit (my favorite).

3. Socialize with friends offline.  Connect with old and new pals by taking a cooking class together, biking the Centennial Trail, going to our local farmers markets, or hiking at Riverside State Park.

4. Plant a community or family garden to produce (pun totally intended) some tasty, colorful meals.  The kids are home, so you’ve got free weed pullers and produce pickers.

5. Make time to watch your Campus Co-Ed Softball Team to keep the fun going and meet new people that work alongside you! First game to be held at Spokane Valley location at 6pm (double header) on Thursday, July 28th. Schedule will be shared next week! Mark your calendar and come support the amazing individuals of the WSU campus softball team:

Philip Lazarus
Jeff Watson
Erin Brown
Kenny Bisagno
Angela Lunde
Renee Wahl
Phillip Boal
Stephane Bisignani
Joshua Temple
Carlton Heine
Erika Fleck
Breezy Tottenhof
Chelsea Fogle
Barry Worden
Kim Zentz
Brady Ratsch
Tanya Bailey
Dawn DeWitt
Jessica Gerdes