Dear WSU Spokane,

It’s Valentine’s Day, and although we tell you we love you everyday, this day is special. There isn’t a piece of paper big enough to list the ways we love you, which is OK since we’re using the Internet right now.

We love you, WSU Spokane, because….

….of your setting next to the Centennial Trail and Spokane River, which makes for a beautiful scene and a great workday exercise location.

….you attract so much community support, whether it was securing the land you sit on today, or the support in growing the health sciences on campus, or the great reception you received during your 25th Anniversary celebration.

WSU Spokane

….you are pursuing a medical school. Taking on a project like this and working to improve access to health care for state residents is so attractive!

….you have such generous donors, like the recent $100,000 gift for your pursuit of a WSU medical school.

….you are home to three of WSU’s 12 colleges – the College of Pharmacy, College of Nursing and College of Medical Sciences.  Good things come in threes!

….your research activities are gaining national exposure.

….your student leaders are striving to make you even more attractive than you already are.

WSU Spokane

….you have a great cafe on campus – The Fresh Plate Cafe – which makes lunch dates so convenient!

WSU Spokane Fresh Plate Cafe

….you are a remote testimony pilot project site and an affinity for the democratic process is something we have in common!

….you’re about to build a health clinic on your campus to aid both medical residents and the greater community.

University District Health Clinic

….you have a commitment to the Spokane community. We love commitment!

We could go on, but that’d be too sappy! Here’s to many years together!

Love Always,
Spokane Cougs