WSU Spokane Student Leaders Elected

WSU Spokane student leaders

This post has been updated to include a quote from Pierce Robledo.

Pierce Robledo (above, left), a second year Doctor of Pharmacy student, has been elected as President of the Associated Students of WSU Spokane for the 2015-2016 academic year. Robledo has served as the ASWSUS Vice President this year.

Robledo’s running mate was Karl Nacalaban, a first year Doctor of Pharmacy student who will act as Vice President (above, right).

Robledo, originally from Las Vegas, Nevada, was among a group of students featured recently talking about what he loves about WSU Spokane. Nacalaban is originally from Seattle.

“ASWSUS gives me this great opportunity to work on my skills as a leader,  motivator and a balanced individual,” Robledo said.

A record voter turnout of 33 percent also elected the following Senators:

Nutrition and Exercise Physiology Senator
Claire Chen

Speech and Hearing Sciences Senator
Tiana Bennett

Nursing Senators
Alyssa Egland
Marshel Renz

Pharmacy Senators
Kelson Chang
Jared Kavanaugh

HPA Senator
Walid Al-Soneidar