Washington State Capitol

Governor Jay Inslee announced today that he is calling for a special legislative session to begin on April 29 to focus on the budget, transportation and carbon pollution.

What does this mean for WSU Spokane?

As you may know, WSU has now been authorized to pursue a new medical school in Spokane. To do that, we had to amend a 1917 law (check) and gain startup funding (in progress).

Both chambers have proposed budgets in the past few weeks and funding to start a WSU medical school in Spokane was included in both proposals. While each chamber has a different level of funding for a WSU medical school, both agree the funding should be provided. That is a good thing for the University, the greater Spokane region and the entire state.

The legislature was scheduled to officially adjourn on April 26, but a final agreement on a budget could not be reached. The special session runs for 30 days, but if a final budget is agreed to and approved before that, it will end sooner.

We will keep tabs on medical school funding as the special session moves along.

As always, learn about our pursuit of a medical school in Spokane at medicine.wsu.edu.