Nutrition and exercise physiology student is off to Fort Bragg to keep soldiers healthy

Callie RoselandA soon-to-be-graduate of the Nutrition and Exercise Physiology program at WSU Spokane is off to Fort Bragg, the Army base in North Carolina.

But Callie Roseland (pictured), won’t be one of the more than 50,000 active duty military personnel. She’ll be keeping them healthy.

Roseland will be part of the Gatorade Sports Nutrition Immersions program (SNIP). The opportunity is geared toward career development, and Roseland, who will graduate this week with a master’s degree in nutrition and exercise physiology, will be sent to Fort Bragg to work with the medical team assisting Kate Burks, the 3rd Group Special Forces Performance Dietitian.

“I will be collaborating with the medical team and educating operators on the importance of nutrition for real-life application while deployed,” Roseland said.

She’ll also help with nutrition research, material development and group presentations.

Roseland was a sports nutrition intern last fall with the WSU football team and commuted to Pullman once or twice a week this semester to work on various projects down there as well. She worked with Lindsay Brown, the director of performance nutrition at WSU, in that role. It was Brown who directed Roseland toward the SNIP opportunity.

“I knew I had to jump at the potential opportunity to propel myself forward in my career and pursue my passion,” she said. “My ultimate career goal is to earn my Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics license and work in the realm of sports and performance nutrition.”

Her experience with the WSU football team helped her find the opportunity at Fort Bragg. Roseland’s latest opportunity will help her as she moves along her career path.