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Virtual Desktop Services

Virtual DesktopVirtual desktops, also called thin clients, are workstations that connect to a central server to provide a user with computing resource. Because a user’s desktop is machine independent, virtual desktop systems are an inexpensive and efficient alternative to traditional desktop machines.

Available To

Faculty, Staff, Departments, IT Affiliates


Our thin client workstations log into a centralized server which provides them with Microsoft Windows and other standard software, such as Microsoft Office and Outlook. Our virtual desktop servers reside in our secure data center and are monitored and backed up regularly.


  • Virtual desktops are flexible. Upon logging off of one thin client, a user can immediately log in to another – with the desktop saved exactly as they had left it from the previous session.
  • Because thin clients do not have local storage drives, they are efficient are require significantly less energy than a traditional desktop. They also boast a smaller physical footprint and require much less desk space to operate.
  • Our thin client workstations have the same networking and access options that we offer traditional desktops. Additionally, information stored on our virtual desktop servers is automatically backed up. See Data Backup for more information.

Getting Started

To learn more about our virtual desktop services, contact the Technical Support Center, located on the third floor of the Academic Center (SAC Room 311). Contact by phone at (509) 358-7748 or by email at


Virtual Desktop support charges are assessed annually by number of devices supported. See ITS Service Rates for more information. Virtual desktop workstations must be purchased by individuals or departments; costs vary based on vendor pricing and selected system options.

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