Campus Digital Signage

The WSU Spokane digital signage system is a no-cost service for WSU programs and Registered Student Organizations (RSOs). Entrance to the system requires the individual to be connected to a WSU Spokane network either on campus or via VPN.

Signage will be placed in rotation within two business days with an approved file.

Sign Specifications & Templates

If you are designing from scratch, use the following guidelines or download the template below.

  • Size: 1050 pixels wide x 700 pixels high
  • Saved as a JPEG file under 2MB

The electronic system will automatically reject slides that do not fit these specifications.

See examples of effective and not-so-effective design.

Policies and Standards

  • The Communications Office reserves the right to edit or reject submissions due to clarity, content, copyright infringement, and aesthetics.
  • One slide per event.
  • All submissions must clearly identify the submitting organization.
  • WSU departments should include their official university logo; affiliation with Washington State University should be clear.
  • University departments should refer to the WSU brand website and follow the required university identity and style guide standards.
  • Signs must be resubmitted if they need to be reposted.

Signs may be rejected if the content is deemed inappropriate, including, but not limited to:

  • Alcohol consumption outside of university-sanctioned events
  • Pornographic material
  • Drug use
  • Weapons

Questions about digital signage can be directed to