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Marketing & Brand


To maintain consistency and quality, WSU requires all WSU offices to order official letterhead, envelopes and business cards from University Communications in Pullman. The WSU Health Sciences Spokane, WSU Health Sciences, and WSU Spokane stationery is available at the following link:

Order letterhead, envelopes, business cards here

Speaking with one voice

Communicating the same message allows us to establish clarity about the University’s core beliefs. It creates a consistent impression of who we are and what our prospective students, alumni, friends and communities can expect from us.

Everyone who communicates on WSU’s behalf is responsible for complying with the brand identity established by the WSU Marketing Office. Read the standards.

PowerPoint Template

Download the PowerPoint template for WSU Health Sciences here.

Primary Logos

Primary logo for WSU Health Sciences Spokane

Primary logo for WSU Spokane

Horizontal Logos

Horizontal logo for WSU Health Sciences Spokane

Horizontal logo for WSU Spokane

Vertical Logos

Vertical logo for WSU Health Sciences Spokane