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The Student Success Center offers two GRE Test Preparatory workshops each year.  For additional information, please read the FAQs below or contact us using the information to the right.

When will the WSUS GRE Study Group be held?

A full six-week test study group will be offered in the summer.  The summer option is typically best for students who are applying for programs with a winter/spring entry date, or for students who plan to take a year (or more) off from school before beginning graduate school.  For students trying to meet admission deadlines in mid-January to begin graduate school the next academic year, there will be an accelerated three-week GRE Test Prep workshop over the winter break.

For the 2018-2019 Academic Year, the GRE Study Group dates are:

Accelerated GRE Study Group (1 week)

Monday-Thursday 12/17/18 – 12/20/18, 9:00 AM- 12:00 PM*

*If you have a graduate school application deadline in January, check with the department to find out if taking the GRE immediately following this prep course will meet their deadline.  ETS estimates that scores are sent to designated schools 10-15 days after test day.

Full GRE Study Group (6 weeks)

Tuesdays 5/8/2019 – 6/11/2019, 10:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M.

How do I register to attend the study group?

To register to attend the study group, send an e-mail message to with your name, ID#, and the study group dates you are requesting.  Also include any disability accommodations or food allergy information, if applicable.

Is there a deadline to register for the study group?

There is no deadline to register; however, a maximum of 12 students are allowed per study group, so plan early and register to save your seat.

What does the study group cost?

There is no cost for the study group. See below for information on study materials.

Will I need to purchase any materials?

You can bring your own purchased/borrowed GRE Prep materials to the study group, or you can check-out materials from our extensive GRE-Prep library.  There is no fee to borrow our materials.

What should I expect from the study group?

Students can expect to build test-taking skills specifically geared towards standardized testing.  You will have an opportunity to answer GRE practice questions as a group and individually.  You will be able to review the results of your practice tests each week and devise an individualized study plan.  There will also be a trip to Exam Services to familiarize yourself with the site, rules, and setting.

How much time will I need to spend studying outside of the study group?

Students should expect to spend at least six hours each week outside of class studying and practicing during the GRE study group.  Students in the accelerated study group should plan to spent at least 12 hours each week outside of the study group studying and practicing.  It is important to understand that attending the study group alone, with no outside study, will prove ineffectual.  If you want to earn the best score possible, you must be able to allot for a significant amount of outside study time.

What if I cannot attend the study group?

If the dates/times of the GRE study groups will not work for you, consider making an appointment with a Learning Specialist.  You can make an appointment by clicking here.  There are also many fee-based as well as open-sourced study materials available.

How do I register to take the GRE?

Check with the Educational Testing Service (ETS), who administers the GRE for information on registering to take the test.

I have additional questions.  Who should I contact?

Send an e-mail to or call 509.358.7757 to learn more.

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