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Division of Student Affairs

Vision and Mission

Inspiring student growth through education beyond the classrooms

In collaboration with campus and community partners, Student Affairs promotes a transformative student experience. We are student-centered advocates, who facilitate students’ growth into thoughtful, engaged, global citizens by delivering exceptional academic, professional, and personal support and resources.



  • Collaboration: Work collaboratively with our colleagues toward the common goal of providing resources and support to foster student growth and education.
  • Inclusion: Celebrate differences and recognize the intrinsic value of every individual.
  • Innovation: Maintain current and creative approaches to the development and implementation of our services.
  • Empowerment: Provides resources and support for individuals to take ownership of their areas of responsibility and to be accountable for their actions.
  • Communication: Facilitate and engage in the interchange of thoughts, opinions, ideas and information.
  • Compassion: Interact with students and colleagues in a holistic manner to create a culture of empathy, kindness, understanding and integrity.


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