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Community Standards & Concerns

WSU Spokane is committed to providing a safe learning and working environment for all students and employees.  To this end, there is an easy process to report behaviors that violate the community standards or behaviors that may be concerning but do not rise to the level of a standard violation.

Reporting potential issues is an important way for us to work with students to help them be academically successful.  We respond to all reports in a manner that is fair and takes into consideration the developmental and educational needs of the students.

If you are not sure how to report something, submit through the Student Care Network and we will make sure the issue is handled appropriately and through the proper method.  We would prefer you over-report than under-report.


On the WSU Spokane Campus, you may contact Jane Summers at 509-358-7537 or, to discuss student behaviors and concerns.


The Student Care Network allows you to share concerns about students’ emotional or psychological well-being, physical health, or academic performance with colleagues. An interdisciplinary team will review all reports and determine the best course of action. This process takes a caring and supportive response to reports and is not punitive.

A helpful guide for assisting students in distress is linked here (Faculty/Staff Resource Guide).

Report Community Standards Violation – If you believe a student has violated the Community Standards as outlined at, use this form to file the complaint.  If you are not sure, submit the form and we will work with you to determine if a violation has occurred.

Academic Integrity Violation – This form should be submitted if you suspect that academic misconduct has occurred.

Discrimination, Discriminatory Harassment, Sexual Harassment, or Sexual Misconduct Complaint – If you believe you have experienced one or more of the listed behaviors, use this form to file a complaint.  On the form, you will also find information to contact the Office Compliance and Civil Rights by phone or email if you prefer that method of communication to submitting the form.