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Student Success Center

Writing Support

Writing Support at WSU Spokane is a free service available to all registered WSU Spokane students, undergraduate or graduate, enrolled in any major. Our goal is to help you become a more effective, confident, and self-sufficient writer. Schedule an appointment or drop by to discuss any aspect of any writing project at any stage of the writing process.

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Writing Support Services

For Students:

Writing Support at WSU Spokane provides:

  • Advice and strategies for planning, organizing, drafting, revising, and editing any writing project.
  • Assistance with grad school and job applications, writing samples, cover letters, statements of purpose, and other professional documents.
  • Opportunity to learn and grow as a writer through one-on-one sessions focused on any aspect of your writing.
  • Distance consultations through the Google Docs collaboration platform.

Use mywconline to make an appointment with the Writing Specialist.  You will need to create an account using your WSU e-mail address. For instructions, see WCOnline Instructions.

For students on the Yakima campus, please make a note in the comments field that you are requesting a distance consultation.

For Faculty:

Writing Support at WSU Spokane is also available to assist faculty with writing components in their courses through consultations on assignment and rubric design, in-class workshops, and other collaboration opportunities. A partial list of existing workshops is below:

Workshops and Seminars:

  • Undergraduate Academic Writing Overview
  • Introduction to Graduate Writing
  • Crafting the Literature Review
  • Working with Sources / Citation Review
  • Argumentative Writing (NURS 427 Policy Letters)
  • Professional Documents: Cover Letters, CVs, and Resumes

Please note that this list is always expanding and changing. To discuss developing a workshop to meet your course needs or to schedule a classroom visit, please contact Jack Downs (

Additional Writing Support

Graduate & Professional Writing Center (at WSU Pullman)


  • This online tutorial program is available to all registered WSU students.
  • Select “Western eTutoring Consortium,” and then “Washington State University System” from the drop-down menu.


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