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Researchers at the University’s Health Sciences campus in Spokane are delving into many different aspects of human health but in particular many are focused currently on genetics, cancer, kidney disease, diabetes, addictions, neuropharmacology, exercise physiology, mental health, sleep, neuroscience, behavioral health and molecular biosciences.

Research News

  • Researchers evaluate new psychosis treatment for young people


    (This story appears in the latest edition of the WSU Spokane Magazine)

    By Terren Roloff

    New research indicates that the earlier health care providers can identify and treat people with psychosis, the more likely they can help them be more successful in life.

    Michael McDonell, Ph.D., says those with psychosis often hear or see things that aren’t real or have strongly held beliefs that aren’t based in reality.

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  • WSU Spokane research tackles drug delivery, sleep deprivation and genetics, fatigue in disaster response and more

    Research Roundup

    Zhenjia Wang (left) talks to postdoctoral research associate Zhang Canyang at Wang’s research lab in the Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences Building.

    (This story appears in the latest edition of the WSU Spokane Magazine)

    By Judith Van Dongen

    Researchers at WSU Spokane are busy working to create healthier communities. Here’s a roundup of recent research news:

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  • Simulation prepares health care workforce, aids researchers


    (This story appears in the latest edition of the WSU Spokane Magazine)

    By Kevin Dudley

    A nursing student talks to her patient. The patient coughs and says he is having chest pains. Soon, he’ll stop breathing and the student will start CPR.

    Pharmacy students are providing a patient with his medications at the pharmacy when he suddenly becomes agitated. After discovering he is experiencing low blood sugar levels, the students give him something … » More …

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  • A potpourri of WSU Spokane news and notes

    WSU Spokane

    The fall semester begins in 20 days here at WSU Spokane.

    We felt it was a good time to review some recent news headlines concerning our campus, including a new clinic, recognition for our vice chancellor, a visit from the Air National Guard and more.

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