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Biomedical Engineering and Design

Our goal is to promote and foster science on the WSU Health Sciences Spokane campus. This is achieved by:

  • Increased access to customized research hardware (ex.: circadian/sleep chambers, 3D printed parts, customized microscopy stages, surgical stereotaxic parts and specialized molecular biology equipment).
  • Increased access to Computer Aided Design (CAD) drawings for rapid prototyping
  • Rapid response and adaptation to new scientific needs and technologies
  • Intellectual property generating opportunities
  • Allow researchers and startup businesses to leverage their resources by saving on cost and allowing them to innovate more efficiently

Capabilities Include:


  • Cutting, Milling, Turning and Grinding a wide variety of materials (aluminum, stainless, carbon steel, brass) including exotics such titanium and high-temperature alloys.
  • Sheet metal bending and fabrication
  • MIG and Arc welding of steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.
  • Brazing and soldering of stainless steel, aluminum, and tungsten.
  • Three-axis CNC milling (20″ X 40″ capacity)
  • Plastics fabrication (Cutting, Milling, Turning)
  • Ultrasonic cleaning


3-D Printing

  • Provide inexpensive parts production in a variety of engineering resins (durable, flexible, rigid, tough and high temperature) that can make fully functional parts or that can be used for prototyping during research development and design.
  • The printer has the ability to print 3-D models as large as 6″x 6″ x 8″. Bring your STL or CAD files for us to process, or we can design and develop your idea on site.

3d print3d print

Examples of Equipment Designed and Fabricated

  • Microscopy and precision optics mounting components (2-photon and surgical stereoscope)
  • Surgical tools and stereotaxic devices
  • Electrophoresis apparatus
  • Workbenches, instrument covers and special lab furniture
  • Electronics panels and controls
  • Animal enclosures/mazes/novel objects
  • Sleep and circadian chambers for animals
  • Engraved plaques and signs

Examples of Equipment Repaired

  • Vivarium cage washing equipment sensors
  • High vacuum pump repair
  • Histology automatic tissue slide stainer repair



Technical SupportWSUOutside WSU
Design Work$130/hour$130/hour
ConsumablesAt CostAt Cost + 10%