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Washington State University Health Sciences Spokane

Submit Research News

Got an idea for a research story you would like to see featured on the WSU Health Sciences Spokane Research News & Highlights page? Submit it here!

Ideas for research stories might include:

  • Soon-to-be-published or recently published research findings
    (If you can, please submit story ideas related to research findings upon acceptance of the paper rather than after publication. Should we decide to pursue this as a news story, that would ensure that we have some much-needed lead time and could increase the story’s chances of gaining external visibility)
  • Significant new grant-funded research initiatives or projects
  • Ongoing research that is making an impact locally, statewide, nationally, or internationally
  • Interesting/impactful research being done by an early-career researcher (graduate student/postdoc/assistant professor)
  • Prominent professional awards or honors

We are especially looking for story ideas related to peer-reviewed research that could be easily understood by non-scientists and would potentially be of interest to a broad audience.

Questions? Contact Judith Van Dongen of the WSU Spokane Office of Research.

  • In your description, try to answer these questions:

    - For ideas on new research findings: What are the main findings of the paper? Why is this research important? What does the research contribute to the field that was not previously known? How does/will the research benefit the public? Who are the WSU authors on this paper?

    - For ideas on new grants: What does the grant pay for? Who are the PI and co-investigators on the grant? What is the total value of the grant award and the duration of the grant? Why is the initiative/project funded by this grant important?

    - For ideas on ongoing research/research being conducted by an early-career researcher: What research would you like to see highlighted? Why is this research important? Who is leading this research and who else is involved? How does/will the research benefit the public?

    - For ideas on awards/honors: Who is being recognized (name, title, college affiliation)? What is the name of the honor/award? What is the name of the awarding organization? What achievement(s)/contribution(s) made by this individual does the award/honor recognize? When is/was the official presentation of the award/honor?
  • For stories on new research findings, please answer these questions:

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Max. file size: 195 MB.