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WSU Health Sciences Spokane News Releases

  • Mammatus clouds – odd, eerie and very photogenic

    By Nic Loyd, WSU meteorologist, and Linda Weiford, WSU News

    weathercatch(2) (2)SPOKANE, Wash. – Anyone lucky enough to see mammatus clouds can’t turn away. Reminiscent of bubble wrap sliding across the sky, they’re a remarkable sight.

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  • $1.7M to counteract poor decision-making due to sleep loss

    By Judith Van Dongen, WSU Spokane

    SPOKANE, Wash. – Researchers from Washington State University’s Sleep and Performance Research Center received a $1.7 million grant to develop and test cognitive flexibility training to combat the effects of sleep loss on decision-making under rapidly changing circumstances.

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  • Scholarship to help increase Native American nurse force

    By Alli Benjamin, College of Nursing

    Leslie-Randall-webSPOKANE, Wash. – Washington State University Ph.D. nursing candidate Leslie Randall has received a $10,000 scholarship from Johnson & Johnson companies designated for American Indian/Alaska Native (AIAN) scholars in an effort to increase their representation among the workforce.

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  • Pharmacy delineates, expands roles of four administrators

    By Lori Maricle, College of Pharmacy

    SPOKANE, Wash. – The College of Pharmacy has redefined some roles and titles of four administrators effective July 1.

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