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What was once a decrepit rail yard is now a beautiful, 48-acre health sciences campus on the east edge of downtown Spokane. Sitting along the Spokane River, the WSU Health Sciences Spokane campus is a growing and important piece of Spokane’s identity.

In May of 1989, Washington Governor Booth Gardner signed legislation that established WSU Spokane and other branch campuses across the state (pictured at top). Since then, the campus has grown and in 2010, the WSU Board of Regents officially designated WSU Spokane as the university’s health sciences campus. It continues to grow, and a full, four-year medical school is on the horizon.

Read a detailed account of WSU Spokane’s history.

WSU Spokane capital projects

State Appropriations to WSU for Spokane campus

Acquisition of property1990$2,871,000
SIRTI building construction1993$11,114,000
Acquisition of more property1994$5,7000,000
Phase One building construction1997$17,000,000
Infrastructure Improvements1997$3,310,000
South Campus buildings demolition2000$500,000
Health Sciences building constructed2001$39,061,000
Campus expansion2004$5,326,000
F.O.Berg building remodel to South Campus Facility2006$4,700,000 (approx)
Academic Center constructed2007$33,875,000
Nursing Building constructed2009$34,6000,000
Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences constructed2013$79,915,000
SUBTOTAL (see table below for total)$237.972,000
Source: WSU capital budget office October 2016

WSU investments in addition to state appropriations

Acquisition F.O. Berg building (now CCRS)Included in 38 acres acquired by state in 1990-91.Likely included in property acquisition figure above in 1990-91.
Acquisition Jensen-Byrd building.2001 acquired by WSU Foundation. 2004 transferred to WSU.Not found
Veterinary Special Teaching Clinic, remodel of existing building2010$3,500,000
Spokane Teaching Health Clinic2016$16,200,000
TOTAL of both tables$257,672,000