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Project Lead The Way

PLTW Programs and Curriculum

PLTW’s Activities, Project, Problem-Based (APPB) curriculum is aligned with national standards and is collaboratively developed and updated by subject matter and industry experts – including classroom teachers, school administrators, university educators and industry professionals.

PLTW Engineering, PLTW Biomedical Sciences, and PLTW Computer Science programs for high schools, PLTW Gateway program for middle schools, and PLTW Launch for elementary schools set the highest standards for rigorous, focused and engaging study. These programs emphasize critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and real-world problem solving. The hands-on learning engages students, exposing them to new areas of study that they may not otherwise pursue, and gives them the knowledge, skills and confidence to so.

PLTW courses are designed to appeal to all students with relevant lessons that make connections between what they are learning and the real challenges in our communities and the world. Students finishing the programs have a foundation and proven path to post-secondary training and career success.

Benefits of the PLTW program include:

  • An up-to-date online turnkey curriculum package
  • Curriculum based on national standards
  • Online resources and active professional communities
  • End-of-Course assessments
  • Access to a nationwide support network that includes post secondary institutions, state education officials, business and industry partners, and professional associations