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Washington State University Health Sciences Spokane

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WSU Spokane offers students a nationally ranked university located in a vibrant, urban setting. On this modern campus, you’ll find a diverse blend of nearly 1,700 upper-division undergraduate, professional, and graduate students, most of whom are pursuing degrees in health science disciplines.


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WSU Spokane is located in the University District along the riverfront in downtown Spokane. It is the University’s health sciences education and research campus, and the home of three WSU Colleges: Nursing, Pharmacy, and the Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine.

Undergraduate students in their junior year of college will find options to complete their degree in Nursing, Nutrition and Exercise Physiology, or Speech and Hearing Sciences. Students may also choose one of our professional programs in Medicine or Pharmacy, or earn a graduate degree in Education, Nursing, Nutrition and Exercise Physiology, Pharmaceutical Sciences, or Speech and Hearing Sciences.


My Name is Kandace Brunner and I grew up in Cashmere, Washington. I completed my first few years of college at Eastern Washington University before transferring to WSU Spokane. I am currently a senior in the nursing program and have always wanted to pursue nursing because I love helping others while working in a fast paced environment.

What I love about the nursing program is the opportunities for hands-on learning. WSU Spokane has an amazing state-of-the-art patient simulation lab as well as hospital partnerships for our clinical experiences. Being on the Spokane campus is exciting because students here share a passion for health promotion. My favorite part of the WSU Spokane campus is the close knit community.

I enjoy studying in the library in the fall that has a view overlooking the Spokane River, where I can see all of the changing colors of the trees. Not only are we surrounded by the natural beauty of the Inland Northwest, but our campus is also in the heart of downtown Spokane, just walking distance from many cute coffee shops. By taking a short drive, I am able to decompress and refresh in the surrounding mountains.

Being from a small town I felt right at home transferring to WSU Spokane. I love being a Coug and being a part of the WSU family!

My name is Brian Carlson and I am a second year medical student. I grew up in the Yakima Valley before attending Washington State University for my undergraduate degree in Kinesiology. Down in Pullman I was a Strength & Conditioning Coach for 3 years, and trained many of our college athletes in volleyball, baseball, and swimming.

After graduating in 2017 I attended San Diego State University where I obtained two master’s degrees in exercise physiology and nutritional science. I was accepted to the Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine in my last year of graduate school and entered as a part of the Class of 2024. 

I have been a die-hard Coug for a decade and have enjoyed my time both in Pullman and Spokane immensely. I am currently one of the co-leads for the Orthopedic Special Interest Group, a co-lead for the anatomy Teaching Assistant program, and one of two College of Medicine Senators for the Associated Students of Washington State University Health Sciences. I also volunteer my time giving mock interviews for incoming medical students and spend time volunteering around Spokane with elementary and middle school kids interested in STEM.

My favorite place on campus is the anatomy lab which is open 24/7 for medical students and is a great place to learn anatomy hands-on with our cadavers donated through the Willed Body Program. My other favorite on campus is our brand new U-Fit gym which is the perfect size for our campus and always a great place to get a workout in.

When I am not on campus I love walking my dog through all the amazing parks in Spokane and grabbing coffee at many of the locally owned coffee stands.

My name is Maya Ladner, and I am a senior in the Speech and Hearing Sciences program. I am originally from a small town on the west side of Washington and spent three years at WSU Pullman before transferring to Spokane. I chose WSU because I immediately felt supported and knew that I belonged in the Coug family!

I chose my degree program because I have always wanted to work in a medical setting and help others, in particular, those with neurogenic disorders. I also have a love for speech pathology because of my treatment experience with a speech language pathologist when I was younger. The faculty at WSU are some of the best that I have come across, and their devotion to the field inspires me every day.

Another aspect that I have enjoyed at WSU is the various opportunities for involvement. I currently serve as president of the Health Science Educational Outreach (HSEO) club where we educate culturally diverse populations on different health care careers. In addition to my role with HSEO, I am also a member of the Multicultural Club and the National Student Speech Language Hearing Association chapter at WSU. I am also employed as a peer tutor for the anatomy and physiology course for Speech and Hearing Sciences students.

When I am on campus, my favorite place to study and relax is the Healing Garden. When I am not at school or being involved on campus, I spend my time doing hot yoga, hanging out with friends, and finding places to take my golden retriever.

Hi everyone, my name is Marisa Olsen and I am from Spokane, WA! I am currently a senior in the Speech and Hearing Sciences program. When I started school in my beginning years at WSU Pullman, I had no idea what I wanted to do as a career. I had interests in nursing and elementary education and I found a balance between the two when I learned about Speech Language Pathology. Speech and Hearing Sciences allows me to combine my love for science, teaching, and helping others. In my future goals, I plan to work in a school or a behavioral clinic to help kids succeed in school and overcome daily challenges they may experience.

When I transferred from Pullman to WSU Spokane, I loved the feeling of being home again! I have learned so much more about my major through courses specific to my major and have become very connected with my cohort in Spokane. I love growing with one another and being able to learn side by side with those who have goals similar to myself.

The Spokane campus is close to downtown and gives opportunities to go out to dinner with friends and have family come visit. Not only are we close to fun events happening in downtown, but Spokane is filled with many outdoor activities, which are my personal favorite. Whenever I am feeling stressed or overwhelmed I spend time with my family in town, take a walk outside, or go on a hike. My current favorite hiking place is Bowl & Pitcher! Spokane also has local coffee shops like Indaba, Little Garden Café, or Ladder Coffee for studying off campus and spending time with friends!

On the WSU Spokane campus there are so many opportunities to get involved. Outside of my position as a Cougar Connector, I am also the Vice President for the Health Science Educational Outreach club, and I was previously a Resident Advisor during my time in Pullman. This campus has so many great pathways to help you grow as a person and make you feel part of the Coug family! Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions, I would love to help you out! Go Cougs!

Hello! My name is Rochelle and I am a third-year student in the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. I was born and raised in Woodinville, WA and I am always looking for my next outdoor adventure! I enjoy biking the Centennial Trail, hiking Mt. Spokane, and leaving city limits to explore the great outdoors. When I am not hitting the books or learning to cook new dishes, I love spending time with the friends that I have made in the pharmacy program!

My love of pharmacy is rooted in building a bridge between the science, chemistry, and biological knowledge of pharmaceutical practices with the everyday lifestyle of my patients to better create healthier, happier communities.

As a third-year student, some of my favorite moments have happened when vaccinating our community. Earlier this spring, I was giving COVID-19 vaccinations to immunocompromised patients and healthcare workers and now that fall has arrived, I have been able to help with “Childhood Catch up Clinics” that help K-12 grade students get any childhood vaccinations that they might of missed in 2020. 

One of my favorite places to study is the second floor of the library where the desks face the large windows and I can get a 180-dregree view of Spokane. It’s a great place to watch the leaves turn into their fall colors as students arrive to class, and I feel so much more connected to student life and campus activity. 

Personally, I like to think of WSU choosing me because I transferred in my sophomore year to WSU Pullman. Up until that point, my educational path had taken several twists and turns that almost led me to giving up on my goals. Coming to WSU, I had little hope that I would even finish my degree program, but I quickly found out from my new friends, roommates, and fantastic professors that WSU really helps bring out your potential and I even got back on track to graduate! Looking back, WSU has been the best place for me to learn from my mistakes, challenge my limits, and provide an open space for me to grow as I continue along my professional journey in Pharmacy.

Hey everyone, my name is Kiara White, and I am from Fontana, CA! I am an undergraduate student studying Speech and Hearing Sciences at WSU Spokane.

I am a first-generation college student finding my purpose through learning and helping individuals around me. I applied to WSU not knowing much about going to college, but knowing I wanted to go out-of-state and try something new. The moment I walked onto a WSU campus I instantly felt like I was home. I felt like part of a new family, knowing someone was always going to be there for me. 

I was inspired to pursue a career in Speech Language Pathology after witnessing family and friends with communication challenges due to autism and cleft lip. Seeing them overcome these struggles through speech therapy motivated me to pursue a field where I can help others who are in similar situations. Now as a senior in the program, I am able to take my experiences and look towards applying them to my future career.  

My favorite place to be is Downtown Spokane since it’s so close to campus and has amazing views of the city. I also love going to Kendall Yards and the summer night market they have each year. Our campus, and all of Spokane, is beautiful year round with many things to explore. 

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions, I will happily answer them, and as always, GO COUGS!!