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Washington State University Health Sciences Spokane

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WSU Spokane offers students a nationally ranked university located in a vibrant, urban setting. On this modern campus, you’ll find a diverse blend of nearly 1,700 upper-division undergraduate, professional, and graduate students, most of whom are pursuing degrees in health science disciplines.


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WSU Spokane is located in the University District along the riverfront in downtown Spokane. It is the University’s health sciences education and research campus, and the home of three WSU Colleges: Nursing, Pharmacy, and the Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine.

Undergraduate students in their junior year of college will find options to complete their degree in Nursing, Nutrition and Exercise Physiology, or Speech and Hearing Sciences. Students may also choose one of our professional programs in Medicine or Pharmacy, or earn a graduate degree in Education, Nursing, Nutrition and Exercise Physiology, Pharmaceutical Sciences, or Speech and Hearing Sciences.


My name is Jennifer  Biedebach and I am currently a senior in the Speech and Hearing Sciences program. Moving from sunny Southern California to Washington was a big step for me, but the moment I became a Coug I felt like I belonged and had a new family supporting me.  

I fell in love with speech pathology the moment I learned I could combine my interests of teaching and medicine. I am currently striving to become a medical speech language pathologist in an acute care or rehabilitation facility. I look forward to applying the knowledge I am absorbing here at WSU to become a highly skilled and compassionate clinician. 

The best part about moving to Spokane from the Pullman campus was having the chance to explore a new city and find what helps me feel more at home. I love being surrounded by the outdoors for hiking, going to  Manito park for picnics, or downtown for the farmer’s markets on Wednesdays! I have also enjoyed finding hole-in-the-wall coffee shops to study at with my roommates. On campus, I enjoy attending the events put on by different student organizations like movie night, bingo, interprofessional  dinners, and stress relief events. I also love hiding out in the library to study. There is one specific desk I sit at that has the best view, and when the leaves change it is remarkable to see.  

Since we are a professionally focused campus, everyone is highly driven, and it is nice to be surrounded by like-minded people. I attend student events and hold leadership positions to connect with other students and learn more about other majors. I chose WSU because the pride and support I have felt on campus is unmatched, and it has helped make my transition so much easier! 

My Name is Kandace Brunner and I grew up in Cashmere, Washington. I completed my first few years of college at Eastern Washington University before transferring to WSU Spokane. I am currently a junior in the nursing program and have always wanted to pursue nursing because I love helping others while working in a fast paced environment.

What I love about the nursing program is the opportunities for hands-on learning. WSU Spokane has an amazing state-of-the-art patient simulation lab as well as hospital partnerships for our clinical experiences. Being on the Spokane campus is exciting because students here share a passion for health promotion. My favorite part of the WSU Spokane campus is the close knit community.

I enjoy studying in the library in the fall that has a view overlooking the Spokane River, where I can see all of the changing colors of the trees. Not only are we surrounded by the natural beauty of the Inland Northwest, but our campus is also in the heart of downtown Spokane, just walking distance from many cute coffee shops. By taking a short drive, I am able to decompress and refresh in the surrounding mountains.

Being from a small town I felt right at home transferring to WSU Spokane. I love being a Coug and being a part of the WSU family!

Greetings! My name is Huy Bui  and I am a second-year student pharmacist at the WSU College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. I am originally from Saigon, Vietnam, but was raised in Tacoma, WA. I have always believed that I should put forth an effort to help people, especially those less fortunate than myself. For me, pharmacy is the best way to achieve this daily. Pharmacists are trusted healthcare professionals who hold a lot of knowledge, and I would like to be able to use this knowledge to help improve the health of my community. 

Before starting my journey at WSU Spokane, I received my bachelor’s in Biology at the University of Washington. When taking my next step towards pharmacy, what made WSU CPPS stand out to me is their flipped classroom model where there is less lecturing and more team problem solving happening in class. This promotes bonding and interaction between the students and really fosters what we call our “Pharmily”! 

My studies and extracurricular activities occupy most of my time, but our campus has a lot to offer to keep me sane. We have a fitness center, a library with amazing views, the Student Diversity Center where I study and chill with other students, and an endless amount of clubs that each offer something unique. In addition, the Student Entertainment Board hosts fun events, such as online trivia night, where we can win free prizes!

In my free time, I love to stay active and do outdoor activities. Some of my favorite things to do in and around Spokane are hiking at Bowl & Pitcher, attending events in the Kendall Yards and downtown areas, and going to Mission Park. I hope you have the chance to experience all that our school and Spokane has to offer! 

Hello! My name is Rochelle Taicz and I am a second-year student in the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and am always looking for my next outdoor adventure! I have enjoyed biking the Centennial Trail, hiking Mt. Spokane, and leaving city limits to explore the great outdoors. When I am not hitting the books or learning to cook new dishes, I love learning new languages and am currently trying to become fluent in Spanish!

My love of pharmacy involves building a bridge between the science, chemistry, and biological knowledge of pharmaceutical practices with the everyday lifestyle of my patients to better create healthier, happier communities. I have seen firsthand how that bridge between a pharmacist and their patient is built on trust, patience, and compassion.

Personally, I like to think of WSU choosing me because I had transferred in my sophomore year to WSU Pullman. Up until that point, my educational path had taken several twists and turns that almost led me to giving up on my goals. Coming to WSU, I had little hope that I would even finish my degree program, but I quickly found out from my new friends, roommates, and fantastic professors that WSU really helps bring out your potential and I even got back on track to graduate! Looking back, WSU has been the best place for me to learn from my mistakes, challenge my limits, and provide an open space for me to grow as I continue along my professional journey in Pharmacy.

Hey everyone, my name is Kiara White, and I am from Fontana, CA! I am an undergraduate student studying Speech and Hearing Sciences at WSU Spokane.

I am a first-generation college student finding my purpose through learning and helping individuals around me. I applied to WSU not knowing much about going to college, but knowing I wanted to go out-of-state and try something new. The moment I walked onto a WSU campus I instantly felt like I was home. I felt like part of a new family, knowing someone was always going to be there for me.

I was inspired to pursue a career in Speech Language Pathology after witnessing family and friends deal with communication challenges due to autism and cleft lip. Seeing them overcome these struggles through speech therapy motivated me to pursue a field where I can help other who are in similar situations.

My favorite place to be is Downtown Spokane since it’s so close to campus and is an amazing place with different views of the city.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions, I will happily answer them, and as always, GO COUGS!!