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Your Future is Here

WSU Spokane offers students a nationally ranked university located in a vibrant, urban setting. On this modern campus, you’ll find a diverse blend of nearly 1,700 upper-division undergraduate, professional, and graduate students, most of whom are pursuing degrees in health science disciplines.

Find Your Program. Discover Your Potential.

WSU Spokane is located in the University District along the riverfront in downtown Spokane. It is the University’s health sciences education and research campus, and the home of three WSU Colleges: Nursing, Pharmacy, and the Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine.

Undergraduate students in their junior year of college will find options to complete their degree in Nursing, Nutrition and Exercise Physiology, or Speech and Hearing Sciences. Students may also choose one of our professional programs in Medicine or Pharmacy, or earn a graduate degree in Criminal Justice, Education, Nursing, Nutrition and Exercise Physiology, Pharmaceutical Sciences, or Speech and Hearing Sciences.


My name is Art Glenn Alejandro from Kodiak, Alaska. Currently I am a Junior-2 WSU Nursing Student. My goal is to be a Pediatric/Trauma nurse. I also want to use my knowledge doing international nursing work and helping serve the underserved populations in other countries.

I chose WSU Spokane for many reasons: 1) I wanted to be near Alaska and still be out of Alaska, 2) I like the use of simulation in the curriculum and access to a clinical lab to practice skills on my free time, 3) I like the idea of a campus community where most of the students are a part of a health science program, and 4) I want to graduate as a COUG!!

My favorite spots on campus are the clinical lab in the Nursing Building, because that is where I do so many fun skills; or the library, because I spend too much of my time there. Aside from academics, I like to experiment with my air fryer, go to the gym, travel to Pullman for Cougar Football Saturdays (CFS), and binge watch medical drama shows.

My advice for future general undergraduate students is use the general classes or electives as a way to explore your interests and passions. For future WSU Spokane students, I advise you to start enjoying the taste of coffee or an energy drink.

As always, GO COUGS!

Greetings! My name is Heerang Chung. I am a third-year pharmacy student in WSU College of Pharmacy. Before moving to Spokane, I was living in the North Seattle area in a city called Lake Forest Park. I graduated from the University of Washington Bothell with a degree in biochemistry. I decided to pursue my career in pharmacy because I enjoy interacting and building relationships with the community, and I felt that my academic interests, talents, and personality are well suited for this profession.

I decided to become a Cougar Connector, because WSU Spokane made a great impression on me from my first day on campus. I remember when I was somewhat lost in one of the buildings for my interview, I was greeted like a family member by one of the students and they answered any questions that I had. The general student culture at this school reflects this experience and this was one of the reasons why I selected this school for my program. By being a Cougar Connector, I feel like I am giving back to the school what it has given me and I am very eager and excited to be part of the team.

After living in Spokane for two years, I have been happy about what this school and city has to offer. One thing that I love about our pharmacy program is that it offers a balanced curriculum that doesn’t overwhelm students and encourages them to engage in extracurricular activities and professional development outside of classrooms. For example, there are numerous areas of research, club activities, leadership opportunities, and other extracurricular activities that students can engage in. This helps us to be successful as we transition from being students to being professionals out in the real world.

My favorite part about Spokane is Riverfront Park which is located at the heart of downtown Spokane. This location is close to many city attractions and has a gorgeous view of the Spokane River. The park hosts many fun community events during the summer and opens an ice skating loop in the winter. I love Spokane, and I will miss it when school is over.

My name is Samantha Denison and I am currently a senior in WSU’s nursing program. I was born and raised in beautiful and windy Ellensburg, WA (Go Bulldogs!). My college journey began at the WSU Pullman campus where I spent two marvelous years completing my prerequisite nursing courses. From the moment I stepped foot on that hill ridden campus, I knew that I had found a home away from home.

Coug spirit courses through the veins of students and creates a camaraderie that I have yet to find anywhere else. When I transferred to WSU Spokane, I was once again reminded of how supportive WSU is of its students. Every person you meet, every friend you make, and every teacher you have wants you to succeed.

The nursing program has provided me with lifelong friendships and a support system that has carried me through the daunting world of patient care. I have fallen in love with our small but mighty health sciences campus and the Spokane community. You will often find me in library looking out from our floor to ceiling windows studying with my fellow nurses or enjoying the countless restaurants in downtown Spokane.

I hope you have the opportunity to experience all that WSU has to offer and as always, GO COUGS!

Hey everyone, my name is Jakala and I am an undergraduate student studying Speech and Hearing Sciences at WSU Spokane. I am from Tacoma, WA, a city just a few hours west of Snoqualmie Pass.

In hopes of pursuing a higher education degree and gain a prominent sense of self, I applied to WSU in the fall of 2014. As a first-generation college student, I didn’t know much about life at a university or even what major I would declare. I spent my first three years on the Pullman campus undeclared, completing general prerequisites and dipping my toes in a variety of different fields. Throughout my period of indeterminacy, I began to develop an appreciation for both liberal arts courses and those that led to a professional program degree. It was not until my junior year that I discovered Speech and Hearing Sciences, a major that caters to both my areas of interest!

My time at WSU Spokane has allowed me to collaborate interdisciplinarily with colleagues that share similar interests. In my last year of the program, I look forward to the knowledge and experiences to come, deepening the connections I’ve made and sharing the genuine support of the Cougar Community.

Hello! My name is Taite Winter and I am an undergraduate senior in the Speech and Hearing Sciences program at WSU Spokane. I am originally from Sacramento, CA, but made the move up to Washington State University (WSU) in August of 2016 after receiving university scholarships that assist out-of-state students in financing their education.

I completed my first two years of study at WSU’s main campus in Pullman, WA; where I discovered my love for student involvement, leadership development, and the unmatched Cougar spirit. After completing my prerequisite courses, I made the move to the WSU Spokane campus in August of 2018 to engage in major-specific courses and activities—a move that was filled with bitter-sweet emotions. I was bummed to leave my friends on the Pullman campus, but incredibly excited to make the move to a bigger city; taking steps towards my goal of becoming a speech-language pathologist.

I was born with a cleft lip and palate, an experience that has shaped both my personal and professional aspirations. After yearly visits to craniofacial clinics and visits to various health professionals, I knew a career in speech-language pathology would fulfill my goals of working directly with individuals to help them overcome difficulties in their speech and language; and help them to develop their own self-confidence. Currently, I am in the process of applying to graduate school and hope to put my education and personal experience to work on a hospital’s cleft and craniofacial team sometime in the future.

I am very grateful that my career goals have led me to studying here at WSU Spokane. I feel that the Speech and Hearing Sciences department’s coursework and the inter-professional nature of WSU Spokane is preparing me to be a thoughtful, considerate, and well-rounded clinician. I love that WSU’s Spokane campus is in the heart of downtown, which makes it easy to get involved in service activities in the local community and shadowing opportunities in the healthcare professions.

My favorite place on campus is the library in the Student Academic Center because it is an excellent place to study and has a wonderful view of Spokane with amble natural light.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about campus or are just looking to meet a friendly face on campus! I love helping students feel welcomed to the WSU community!