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Campus Room Scheduling

Academic needs are given priority over all other uses of campus space. Priorities, in the event of a scheduling conflict, are as follows:

  1. Academic use*
  2. Internal use: campus employee and student events
  3. University-sponsored events
  4. Non-WSU groups

Want to schedule a room?


The online training will walk you through requesting a basic event in 25Live. You will receive the 25Live link after you have completed the training.

If you have any questions please reach out to Event Scheduler or the Academic Scheduler.

Other room scheduling information:

*NOTE: Per our institution policy, events requesting classroom space will not be scheduled until the 10th day of the respective academic term. If an event falls within the first 10 days, it will be scheduled the night before at 5 p.m. This policy is a reflection of the Washington Administrative Code (WAC) that stipulates classes must have priority in academic spaces. Any questions regarding this policy can be referred to the Academic Scheduler.

Washington State University Health Sciences Spokane