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Gender Inclusive Restrooms


Gender Inclusive Restrooms

WSU Health Sciences Spokane is committed to creating an inclusive and accessible environment where all students can thrive.

What is a Gender Inclusive Restrooms?

A Gender Inclusive restroom is one that anyone of any gender can use. They benefit all people, including people who are gender diverse, transgender, parents/caregivers and people with caregivers or personal attendants. Each of WSU Health Sciences Spokane’s Gender Inclusive restroom are single-stall restrooms, also known as single-use restrooms.

Gender Inclusive Restrooms are located here:


All Gender Inclusive Restrooms listed below are ADA accessible and elevator access to them.

Changing Table
Menstrual Products
Access Notes:
SEWC -Spokane Eastern Washington University Center3153Single NoNoYesPublic
SEWC -Spokane Eastern Washington University Center3443SingleNoNoYesPublic
SHER - Spokane Health Education and Research 1101SingleNoYes NoPublic
SHSB - Spokane Health Science Building067BasementSingleNoYes NoPublic
SHSB - Spokane Health Science Building1321SingleYesNoNoClients only
SNRS- Spokane Nursing Building1141SingleNoNoNoPublic
SNRS- Spokane Nursing Building417 E4SingleNoNoNoCard access only
STHC- Spokane Teaching Health Clinic 1051SingleNoNoNoPublic