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University Writing Portfolio

Successful completion of the Writing Portfolio is a requirement for graduation at Washington State University. It is a junior-level diagnostic to determine if a student’s writing abilities have advanced in ways that can handle the writing demands of upper-division courses and courses in the major.

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University Writing Portfolio

The writing portfolio consists of two parts:

  • A timed writing session
  • The portfolio packet containing three writing samples. The packet may be purchased at the book store or you may download the forms below and tape the Packet Envelope Cover Sheet on the outside of a 10″ X 13″envelope.

All students are required to complete at least one of the two parts no later than the end of the first semester after completing 60 credit hours. The other half needs to be completed the following semester. You may complete the packet and the timed writing in the order you choose. Ideally, you should complete the Writing Portfolio prior to enrolling in the Writing in the Major (M) courses. Writing portfolio holds will be placed on students’ registration until the portfolio requirement is completed.

Timed Writing Sessions

The timed writing session takes two hours and consists of an argumentative essay and a self-evaluation. Students must bring two pens (no pencils) and provide photo ID to take the exam. A Blue Book will be provided.

Students with Disabilities:  Reasonable accommodations are available for students with a documented disability. Please contact Tera Lessard (358-7757 or for more information regarding accommodations.

To Schedule a Timed Writing Session

  1. Go to
    • PLEASE NOTE: The .net domain is for WSU Spokane. If you use the .com domain, you will navigate to the WSU Pullman site.
  2. Login using your WSU email and the password you created when you registered
    • PLEASE NOTE: You must choose the Writing Support schedule when you log in.
  3. Click on “Next Week” at the top of the page to scroll through the calendar.
    • PLEASE NOTE: The timed writing calendar only appears on days when there is an available Timed Writing Session. You must scroll through the calendar to see the available timed writing sessions.
  4. Click on an available time. Squares that are white or lighter blue indicate available times.
    • PLEASE NOTE: Do not double-click. Double-clicking will hide the pop-up scheduling window.
  5. In the “Pre-appointment comments or questions” box, please enter your student ID number.
  6. Click “Save Appointment.” This will save your appointment and send an automated email to your account with additional information about the Timed Writing.

Timed Writing Schedule

Thurs. Feb. 2212:00 P.M.
Tues. Feb, 279:00 A.M.
Thurs. Mar. 89:00 A.M.
Wed, Mar. 213:00 P.M.
Tues. Mar. 2712:00 P.M.
Washington State University Health Sciences Spokane