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Registrar – Enrollment Services


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How to avoid registration delays

Important steps to take now!

  • Meet with your advisor before your enrollment date. To see what day and time you can begin enrolling, click on the “details” link under “Enrollment Dates,” located on the right side of your Student Center page (see image below).
  • Resolve holds. Holds are displayed on the right side of your Student Center page (see image below).  Select the “details” link where you can click on each type of hold to see more information.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: New registration holds may be added before registration begins. We strongly encourage you to check your holds again prior to your registration appointment to see if there are any holds that have been added that will prevent you from registering at your scheduled time.
  • Your Shopping Cart. Once your appointment time arrives and your holds are released, you will be able to submit your shopping cart. Important! You are NOT enrolled until you click on Finishing Enrolling.
  • Have you applied to graduate? (See our ‘Steps to Graduation’ web page for help.) Once you have applied for graduation, you will not be able to register for any courses that begin after our expected graduation date. If you are planning to pursue additional studies beyond graduation, please contact your advisor or to change your graduation date or status.

Registration Holds

Name of hold Phone Number
Academic Deficiency (509) 358-7537
Counseling & Testing Services (509) 358-7740
Denied Reinstatement (509) 358-7537
Faculty/Staff Fee Waiver Hold (509) 358-7530
Graduate Admissions (509) 335-3536/1446
Health & Wellness (509) 358-7978
International Programs (509) 358-7963
Registrar’s Office (509) 358-7530
Financial Aid SAP Contract (509) 358-7534
Student Accounts (509) 358-7978
Student Affairs (509) 358-7978
Student Conduct (509) 358-7537
Student Loans (509) 358-7534
Undergraduate Admissions (509) 358-7630
Undergraduate Advising Hold Contact advisor
Writing Portfolio (509) 358-7650
Other Holds Contact advisor

Image of Student Center — Avoid Registration Delays

graphic of Student Center showing how to avoid registration delays