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Scheduling Study Space at WSU Spokane

How to request space:


Login to 25Live with your WSU network ID and password.

Click on the Event Form and fill it out:

  • Event Name: Study Session (Program of study)
  • Event Type: 25L Study Session – Spokane
  • Primary Organization: Type in SPK and find your program (for example-SPK-College of Pharmacy)
  • Expected Head Count: Number of people studying
  • Date and Time:
    • Pick a date and time for up to 4 hours. Only 1 day per study space request please.

*If your request is the same day, please stop by Student Affairs in SAC 130 and let us know you need a room right away.

  • Locations: Type in SAC and search for a classroom

*Note that the room requested may not be the room scheduled so be sure to check your email confirmation and/or 25Live.

  • Comments: add any notes-window, white board, etc.
  • Confirm and submit.
    • This creates a draft that the scheduler will check and confirm.  If the scheduler has questions, they will email you so be on the lookout if you haven’t seen a confirmation. (Be sure to check your junk mail just in case)

Study space requests are confirmed M-F, 8-5 during business hours.  Any requests outside of these hours may not be confirmed. Please plan ahead.

Please note-

  • Study space can only be requested by a WSU Spokane student for 1 day at a time for up to 4 hours per day in the Spokane Academic Center (SAC).
  • Only SAC classrooms are available to request for study space in 25Live at this time.
  • SAC classrooms need to be scheduled to be unlocked after hours and on weekends to ensure everyone’s safety.
  • Have a space scheduled and locked door? Call security at (509) 358-7995 after hours and on weekends. Stop by SAC 130 for assistance during the day.
  • When you are finished with your study session please return the classroom furniture to its original configuration, clean up any trash and erase whiteboards.
  • SAC 30 is available anytime from Friday 5pm-Monday 6am as a quiet study space for anyone to use on the weekend during the semester.
  • Additional tables and chairs are set-up in the 2nd and 3rd floor SAC lobby spaces and available on weekends before block test exams and finals week for anyone to use.

If you have questions, please email: or stop by SAC 130-Student Affairs.