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Emergency Management

In case of emergency, call 911

Then contact Campus Security at 509-358-7995.

Emergency Management at WSU Spokane is handled by a team of trained personnel from Facilities Operations, Campus Security and Communications working in partnership with local law enforcement and firefighting agencies.

How and when to call 911?

  • Dial 911. No need to dial 9 first, then 911.
  • Call when life or property is in immediate danger.
  • Give operator exact nature of the emergency.
  • Give the exact street location including the office/classroom number and cross street.
  • Give the telephone number from which you are calling.

When to Call Crime Check – (509) 456-2233?

Crime Check is a service provided by Spokane County for non-emergency calls. In the event that you call Crime Check from any phone other than a university phone, such as a cell phone, please call Security after you hang up with Crime Check.

  • To file a police report over the phone for a crime that is no longer occurring.
  • If you witnessed a crime that previously occurred.
  • If you have information about a past crime.
  • To add information to a previous crime report.
  • If you are a victim of a crime that is not in progress.
  • To report a crime after the fact that does not require an officer or deputy response.