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Emergency Management

Emergency Procedures

Emergency Response Video. This video details how to respond to emergencies.

Emergency Procedures Booklet. Below is the Table of Contents for the booklet.

Page 1: Emergency Procedures summary
Page 2: When to call 9-1-1
Page 3: Personal Safety Plan
Page 4: Building Evacuation
Page 5: Evacuation Assembly Locations
Page 6: Hazard Materials Release/Accidents
Page 7: Active Shooter
Page 8: Medical Emergencies
Page 9: Disruptive Person/Workplace Violence
Page 10: Bomb Threat
Page 11: Bomb Threat Question Card
Page 12: Lockdown and Shelter In Place
Page 13: Fire
Page 14: Explosion
Page 15: Person With A Weapon
Page 16: Power Outage
Page 17: Earthquake
Page 18: Suspicious Package, Envelope or Object
Page 19: Terrorism
Page 20: Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction
Page 21: Mass Illness
Page 22: General Safety
Page 23: HELP sign for display in emergency