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Participate in Research

Scientists at Washington State University Spokane are conducting research studies that are helping to improve the health of Washingtonians and people around the world. Both healthy volunteers and participants with specific health conditions are needed for studies conducted on our health sciences campus. Below is a listing of research studies that are currently seeking participants.

Autism Research Study
We are looking for adults with autism to participate in a research study that will determine how acetylcholine, a chemical in the brain, affects the pupil’s response to light. Click here for full details.

The Breastfeeding Relationship Study 2022-23
Washington State University College of Nursing is conducting a study to compare differences in the breastfeeding relationship and maternal emotions before and after mothers return to work among three groups of mothers who plan to: (1) return to work outside of the home between 6-18 weeks, (2) return to work from home (e.g., telework) between 6-18 weeks, or (3) stay home full-time with their infants.  Click here for full details.

Drug-Drug Interaction Study
Healthy subjects needed for a drug-drug interaction study. This study will help identify chemicals made by the body that can be used as “markers” (measures) of certain kidney proteins that transport drugs into the kidney. Click here for full details.

Elderberry Feeding Study
We are recruiting men and nonpregnant women ages 22-75 in good metabolic health to participate in a feeding study at WSU Spokane. During this study, participants will consume an elderberry juice or placebo beverage for two 1-week-long diet periods, with a 3-week break in-between each period. Click here for full details.

Healthy Hearts Among Pacific Islanders (HHAPI)
Are you Native Hawaiian or Pacific islander and have high blood pressure and/or diabetes? You may be eligible to participate in a 6-month long study to determine if 4 bi-weekly educational classes help to improve cardiovascular disease risk factors. Click here for full details.

In Vitro Analysis of Gut Microbiota Response to Food
Our lab is recruiting 24 volunteers to provide human stool samples for this purpose. Participants must be 18-50 years old and in good metabolic and digestive health and not to have consumed quinoa in the previous 7 days. Click here for full details.

Sleep Studies
For ongoing studies in the Sleep and Performance Research Center, please see here.

Substance Use/Mental Health Studies
For ongoing studies focused on the treatment of alcohol and drug use and mental health issues, please see here.