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Washington State University Health Sciences Spokane

Participate in Research

Scientists at Washington State University Spokane are conducting research studies that are helping to improve the health of Washingtonians and people around the world. Both healthy volunteers and participants with specific health conditions are needed for studies conducted on our health sciences campus. Below is a listing of research studies that are currently seeking participants.

Barriers and Facilitators to Medication-Assisted Treatment during Pregnancy and Postpartum
Washington State University is conducting a study to better understand barriers that face pregnant women. We are seeking pregnant women and recently postpartum women who are on a medication-assisted treatment program (methadone) to participate. Click here for full details.

Goldenseal-Metformin Interaction Study
Type 2 diabetic participants needed for a goldenseal-metformin interaction study. The study will help establish the safety or risks of combining herbal products with conventional medications. Click here for full details.

Healthy Hearts Among Pacific Islanders (HHAPI)
Are you Native Hawaiian or Pacific islander and have high blood pressure and/or diabetes? You may be eligible to participate in a 6-month long study to determine if 4 bi-weekly educational classes help to improve cardiovascular disease risk factors. Click here for full details.

Nutrition Research Study on Elderberries, Blood Sugar & Fat Metabolism
Patrick Solverson, PhD, from the Department of Nutrition and Exercise Physiology (NEP) at the Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine is recruiting volunteers who are 22-75 years old (BMI >25) for a nutrition research study. You may be eligible for this study to determine the ability of elderberry juice consumption to enhance blood sugar and fat metabolism. Click here for full details.

Perspectives of Cannabis & Pregnancy
With widespread legalization of cannabis/marijuana, questions about how cannabis use is perceived among different Native communities are becoming more and more relevant. Washington State University Spokane is conducting a study to get your thoughts and beliefs about risks and benefits of using cannabis during and after pregnancy. Click here for full details.

Sleep Studies
For ongoing studies in the Sleep and Performance Research Center, please see here.