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Washington State University Health Sciences Spokane


We provide data analysis services for the following applications:

  • RNA-Seq: gene and transcript quantitation, differential expression, gene fusion, novel splicing
  • ChIP-Seq: peaking calling, motif finding
  • Whole Genome Reseq: SNP and small indel discovery, genotyping, structural variation detection
  • Whole Exome Reseq: SNP and small indel discovery
  • Small RNA-Seq: microRNA expression quantitation, differential expression, novel microRNA prediction
  • Methylation Seq: methylation site calling and annotation
  • Metagenomics: sequence assembly, biodiversity analysis and bining, phylogenetic analysis
  • Gene Functional Annotation: gene ontology (GO) analysis, enrichment, pathway, etc.
Rates below are for RNA-seq data analysis. They are calculated on a per-project basis and may vary depending on the number of samples in a project.

Note: As a reminder, it is best practice to plan for a 3 to 5 percent yearly rate increase when proposing studies and submitting grants.

Sample NumberPrice
1-10 samples per project$200
11-20 samples per project$300
21-30 samples per project$400
31-50 samples per project$500