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Education and Training

The Student Equity, Leadership, & Community Hub provides several opportunities for faculty, staff, and students to increase their cultural knowledge and skills for contributing to a welcoming, inclusive, and equitable campus community. On this page, you’ll find links to our workshops and initiatives, as well as information about other relevant training opportunities on campus.

Currently, all staff, faculty, and administrative trainings are facilitated through HRS. Links are provided.

The Student Equity, Leadership, and Community Hub offers training by request to student organizations, departments, and offices. Send us an e-mail with some dates and times that work best for your group, and we will do our best to accommodate.

LGBTQ+ Ally Training

Ally Training is a system-wide network of students, faculty, staff, and instructors. It is designed to promote an inclusive campus community through advocacy, education, support, and resources for LGBTQ+ individuals by creating a visible network of allies. In Ally training, you’ll learn about: current terminology, the social and political climate for LGBTQ+ communities, and practical knowledge for enacting allyship.

Faculty, Staff, and Administrators can register for Ally Training through HRS here

The Student Diversity Center is partnering with Pullman’s Gender Identity/Expression and Sexual Orientation Resource Center (GIESORC) to provide LGBTQ+ Ally Training to students.

Microaggressions Training

An interactive and reflective workshop that discusses what microaggressions are, and how they impact people in different areas of life.

Unconscious Bias Training

This interactive workshop will examine the role implicit bias plays in different life outcomes (employment, health, well-being, etc.). Implicit bias has come to be recognized as a powerful force that shapes individual actions and institutional policies and practices as well.  This session will also explain actions people can take to counteract negative associations that lead to negative consequences for underrepresented people.

Community & Equity Certificate Program

Available to all Faculty, Staff, and Administrators, the Community & Equity Certificate Program is a new professional development opportunity. The Community & Equity Certificate lays the groundwork for a challenging, personal journey for individuals who are committed to creating equitable and inclusive environments. Through the certificate program, faculty and staff will expand their understanding of equity-mindedness and build a toolkit for engaging more effectively with students, colleagues, and community partners. Faculty and staff must complete seven workshops across four areas to earn the certificate. Click on the title above to learn more about the workshops available.