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Emergency Management

Active Shooter

If an armed intruder comes to the WSU Spokane Campus report it immediately and take protective actions.  To survive you need to take direct responsibility for your survival.

If you hear gun shots DO NOT move toward the sounds.  If possible, quickly move away from the sound of shots being fired.

Report what you are hearing to 911.  Keep calling since the lines may be jammed.  Report gender, race, approximate age, facial features (beard?), obvious clothing/glasses/hats, numbers and types of weapons (pistol, rifle), any bags or backpacks carried.


GET OUT:  If the disturbance is far enough away and you can safely leave the area do so.

  • Be prepared to follow commands from the local police department, i.e., “stop, get down on the ground, put your hands up”.  Compliance with their commands is imperative.  Hold both hands out, fingers spread..
  • Do not gather with others in a crowd once outside campus buidings.  Spread out so you and others do not present a single target to the shooter.
  • When you have reached an area of safety wait there until given direction from an university official or Campus Security. DO NOT leave campus until you are approved to leave by Campus Security or law enforcement officers.

HIDE OUT:  If you are unable to leave your location the following actions are recommended:

  • Close and barricade the door. Look for alternative ways to exit the room, i.e., break a window.
  • Cover any windows that expose your position to the hallway, i.e. close the blinds.
  • Turn off the lights.
  • Spread out, do not huddle together.
  • Find a hiding place behind something solid.
  • Keep quiet.
  • Put your cellphone on vibrate mode.  Turn computer screens away from windows that look out into the hallway.
  • Do not answer the door. Wait for Campus Security or law enforcement officers  to assist you out of the building.

TAKE OUT:  If you are trapped your only option may be to fight back.  Two basic strategies are to disrupt the shooter’s gun firing behavior and/or to physically overwhelm and disarm the shooter.  This must be a total commitment, with resolve.

  • Physically overwhelming the shooter is more easily accomplished if you and others coordinate your actions, i.e., to tackle the shooter – come at the shooter from different directions, two grab arms, one grabs gun, etc.
  • For either strategy, you may use many types of items as weapons:  books, trash cans, back packs, lap top computers, or other small tiems (pens, keys).
  • Throwing items may increase your chances of survival by distracting the shooter and disrupting their aim.  The shooter may realize you are too difficult a target and move on.
  • Even if you are initially caught by the shooter, you should always be looking for a chance to escape.