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WSU Spokane Nursing Student to Bike Across America

Allison Perrine is a nursing student at the WSU College of Nursing here in Spokane. On May 31, she plans to begin a journey to raise awareness and funds for the Ulman Cancer Fund.

Perrine will bike across America in honor of her mother, who passed away from breast cancer in 2011. The WSU College of Nursing wrote about Perrine recently, and KXLY featured her story last night (video is above).

Kudos to Perrine for honoring her mother and all who have been touched by cancer in one way or another.

You can donate to Perrine’s cause here.

Fall Asleep Sooner by Avoiding Smartphones and Tablets

Do you use your smartphone or tablet just before you head to bed? If so, it could impact your sleep scheduleĀ each night.

So says a study performed for two KXLY TV reporters by our Sleep and Performance Research Center.

Our own Devon Grant administered the study. Her theory, which is supported from the study of the two KXLY reporters, says that peopleĀ fall asleep sooner if they stay away from their smartphones and tablets for an hour before going to bed.

So if you want a better night of sleep, you might want to avoid that e-reader in bed.