WSU Sleep and Performance Research Center

Simulation prepares health care workforce, aids researchers

(This story appears in the latest edition of the WSU Spokane Magazine) By Kevin Dudley A nursing student talks to her patient. The patient coughs and says he is having chest pains. Soon, he’ll stop breathing and the student will start CPR. Pharmacy students are providing a patient with his medications at the pharmacy when […]

Police Decision-Making Research Featured on the Today Show

  The Today Show visited our campus once to take a look at our research on distracted driving. The popular morning show recently returned to take a look at our research on the decisions police officers have to make, sometimes life or death decisions made in a fraction of a second. You can watch the feature […]

WSU Spokane Research Gaining Worldwide Attention

Lois James is a Research Assistant Professor in our Sleep and Performance Research Center. The Center and our Criminal Justice program have worked with the Spokane Police Department on a number of studies and trainings. James conducted research last year that showed racial disparities in police confrontations. Her research showed that participants in the study […]