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WSU Spokane researchers tackle cancer, REM sleep, Affordable Care Act and more

Mark Van Dam

Mark Van Dam

Assistant Professor of Speech and Hearing Sciences Mark VanDam works with young children at the Speech and Language Laboratory.

(This story appears in the latest edition of the WSU Spokane Magazine)

By Judith Van Dongen

Here’s a roundup of some of the research work happening at WSU Spokane.

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Research shows the importance of REM sleep in young brains

REM sleep (it stands for rapid eye movement) is important for a good night’s rest. A lack of REM sleep gives way to a number of health consequences.

But did you know that REM sleep may be even more important for young brains, and helps them create memories? Research by Marcos Frank on the WSU Spokane campus tackled that issue. Frank also found that certain medications interfere with REM sleep, creating other problems.

Read about his research.

Committee Set to Find WSU Medical School Founding Dean

WSU medical school

WSU leaders provided an update on where the university is at in its pursuit of a medical school in Spokane today, releasing the names of those on the Founding Dean Search Committee.

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