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Governor Jay Inslee Signs WSU Medical School Bill – What’s Next?

Governor Jay Inslee signed legislation today that allows WSU to operate a medical school in Spokane. This is a great day for WSU, Spokane and the entire state. As the Governor was signing, the audience around him broke out into a nice rendition of the WSU fight song – a fitting way to celebrate. The legislation […]

Washington House of Representatives Passes Medical School Bill

The Washington House of Representatives passed its version of the medical school bill tonight. The bill would allow WSU to operate a medical school on its Spokane campus (it also allows WSU to operate a forestry program, as Rep. Ed Orcutt deftly pointed out). So what’s the next step? The Senate still needs to vote […]

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One Medical School Bill Advances, Another to be Heard

As the legislative session moves along in Olympia, the state of two medical school bills in the House and Senate continues to be monitored. So here’s an update: In the Senate, SB 5487 advanced through the Ways & Means Committee last night. The bill now moves to the Rules Committee. In the House, HB 1559 […]

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WSU Medical School Gaining Big Support in Olympia

Washington State University’s pursuit of a medical school took a big step forward today when two bills – one in the Senate and one in the House – were introduced today and would allow WSU to operate a public medical school. A law that dates back to 1917 currently mandates that only the University of […]

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The University District Health Clinic is on the Horizon

Last week, the WSU Board of Regents met in Spokane and among the items it took action on was the approval of the design of the University District Health Clinic, which will be built on our campus. The clinic is part of the Spokane Teaching Health Center, a consortium of WSU Spokane, Providence Health Care […]

CNN’s Don Lemon References WSU Spokane Research

Our research on police and deadly encounters has received attention in a number of places. Dr. Lois James’ research shows that police officers hesitate longer when encountering black suspects in deadly situations than they do with white suspects. Dr. Bryan Vila’s research on police fatigue and decision making shows that police officers have an extremely […]