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Canvas has a variety of built-in settings and tools that help create an accessible learning environment. Review the information and links below to learn how to implement these resources into your own course.

Accessibility FAQs in Canvas

Tips for Creating Accessible Course Materials

This webpage from AOI in Pullman provides a number of resources to help develop an accessible learning environment in your Canvas course.

User Settings

Canvas provides a few accessibility settings that individuals can edit in their own account to meet their individual needs.

  • High Contrast User Interface: When enabled, this feature offers higher contrast in buttons, tabs, and other areas throughout Canvas.
  • Underline Links: When enabled, this feature underlines hyperlinks in navigation menus, the Dashboard, and page sidebars.

To enable either setting, click on Account > Settings

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to Feature Options

High Contrast UI and Underline Links options in the Canvas user settings

Click the buttons on the right hand side to enable the feature(s). Once you navigate to another page, certain Canvas elements will look a little different with text more bold, colors jumping out more, darker blacks and lighter whites.