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Spiritual Wellness

As a public university, and consistent with the First Amendment, WSU does not establish any religion or non-religion and seeks to provide free exercise for people of all faiths and no faith on campus. Since spirituality and ethics are vital aspects of the diverse identities of many, the Wellness Collaborative seeks to list contact information with spiritual and ethical leaders and organizations as they are important community resources. Many individuals feel enriched by the many spiritual and ethical organizations in the community and the countless opportunities they provide for learning, counseling, service and justice work, and community life. Worship, prayer, meditation, retreats, rites and rituals, and holiday observances are also important to many people on campus. To find an organization to connect with, please visit:

Why is Spiritual Wellness Important?

Spiritual wellness not only allows you to seek meaning and purpose in human existence, but it also allows you to appreciate your life experiences for what they are. When you find meaning in your life experiences, you may be able to develop a harmony with your inner self and the outside world. In simpler terms, spiritual wellness is an important element of inner balance for many.