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Physical Wellness

Physical wellness can be achieved through regular exercise, proper nutrition, and abstaining from harmful habits such as drug use and alcohol abuse.

Developing healthy habits can add years to your life and enhance the enjoyment and quality of those years.

Yoga class


Current Session Ends Wednesday, Dec. 20

Upcoming Session:
Monday, Jan. 8 – Monday, Mar. 5, 2018

See our EVENTS page for more information.

Fitness Club Benefits

WSU students and employees are eligible for discounted memberships to local fitness centers, such as MUV Fitness, the Spokane Club, and the YMCA. Students should check with the WSU Spokane Office of Student Leadership and Involvement for information on discounts.

Campus Shower Facilities

If you would like to run or walk on your lunch break but worried about getting sweaty, don’t forget that there are showers available for staff use in the following locations:
HSB Building
Basement – Room #67, Unisex restroom, 1 shower stall, no lockers
2nd Floor – Locker rooms 221 & 223 – Men’s & Women’s, 1 stall each
Nursing Building
Basement, Men’s & Women’s restrooms, 1 shower stall each, no lockers
EWU Center
Basement, Men’s & Women’s restrooms, 2 shower stalls each, lockers without locks